Cherry Blossom Festival – Jinhae – Bangawoyo

by Mike Still

This weekend I joined my old Seoul Hiking Group buddy, Johnny Seo’s new group Bangawoyo Tours at Jinhae’s Cherry Blossom Festival. It was a gorgeous day full of new friends and beautiful scenery. Jinhae is famous throughout Korea for its annual cherry blossom festival and we hit it at the perfect time!


Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival
Annual festival in early April

If you’re in town for the changing seasons be sure to check out Jinhae next year! The best way to get there is by joining a group like Bangawoyo but you can alwaitys take an inter-city bus.

A night bus brought us to Jinhae so that we could wake up and already be at the festival avoiding the awful crowds that the event is known to attract. Wandering along the stream our busfull of strangers became fast friends and snapped countless photos. Artists created unique exhibits to help attract visitors during the off season with the “floating umbrellas” being among the most famous.


The mountains surrounding Jinhae were littered with blossoming trees in addition to all the manicured ones throughout the town.  I had a little extra time so I decided to hike a nearby hill. Turns out there’s a monorail you can take to the top of this 90m viewpoint but it certainly isn’t worth the wait. Once you reach the peak you’ll find an an old military outpost commanding a 360 degree view of the naval port.

What to do in Jinhae

1) Cherry Blossoms by the Yeojwacheon stream (seasonal)
2) Cherry Blossoms by the train station (seasonal)
3) Jehwangsan – Hike or take the monorail up for a great view!
4) Visit the Naval Port


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After enjoying our time in Jinhae everyone jumped back on the bus and we departed for Busan.  Come back soon for my post about the awesome Holi Hai color festival in Busan!

Be sure to check out Bangawoyo Tours on Facebook and join us for an adventure!

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Mike Still
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