Shanghai to Newark – 3 Planes

by Mr Mike
Shanghai to Newark – 3 Planes

Nothing could have prepared me for the wave of emotion that overcame me when I got in line at PVG, Shanghai’s airport.  My gate read SEATTLE, printed neatly in digital letters just above it.  After a year and a half of living in Asia I was actually going home.  Soon I’d board for a mindless trip across the Pacific and set foot on home turf for the first time in what seemed like ages.  A tear came to my eye as I envisioned greeting my parents, friends and of course sweet delicious American burgers, steaks, pizza and everything else that makes us world renowned as the fattest country on Earth.

I don’t know how many hours I was in the air, how many hours I was travelling or how far the distance was.  I do know that it was an incredibly disorienting process to board 3 different planes in 3 different time zones and would without a doubt do it again in a heartbeat!  I slept half a dozen times, saw 2 sunsets (no sunrises), Mt. Fuji, a seas of clouds and clear blue water.  Luckily for you this was my first flight where phones were allowed the entire time (on airplane mode of course).   Delta Airlines made the announcement and I promptly took advantage of it to film out of my 3 window seats.  Enjoy the video!


Mr Mike

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