My Favorite Mavic Pro Accessories

by Mike Still
My Favorite Mavic Pro Accessories

I’ve been flying drones on and off for almost a year and am absolutely LOVING my DJI Mavic Pro.  The Mavic is lightweight, has an amazing camera and is very fun to fly.  If you haven’t already seen some of my drone work be sure to read about my first winter in Alaska and check out my Instagram!  Even though this drone is fantastic I find that a few DJI Mavic accessories make it even better so I was delighted when PolarPro said they were going to send me some of the best Mavic pro accessories so that I could review them and share with all of my readers like you.

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsorship by PolarPro.  They sent me a free Cinema Series, Katana Pro & Soft Case in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions here are my own.  Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The Best Mavic Pro Accessories

Cinema Series Vivid Collection by PolarPro

The most important accessory for any drone pilot is a set of filters to make your photo and video pop which makes the Cinema Series by PolarPro the perfect gift for any videographer or aerial photographer!  The polarized 4, 8 and 16 filters help CUT GLARE OR REFLECTIONS, make COLORS MORE VIBRANT and allows for a LONGER EXPOSURES/SHUTTER SPEED.  You can use longer shutter speed for smoother 4k video and long exposure photographs.  If its a super bright sunny day then jump over to the ND 16 or 32.  I always use the ND 32 when filming a snow scene and have thought about getting the ND 64 too!

The Cinema Series is great because you get a variety of options to fit any conditions and it also comes with a protective carrying case!  Buy the PolarPro Cinema Series on the PolarPro Website for only $149.99 with free shipping!

My favorite part about the PolarPro Cinema series is how easily they attach to my Mavic Pro.  Putting a filter on my Mavic is as easy as holding it upside down and gently sliding a cap onto the camera.  Be sure to cradle the gimbal and don’t pinch the outer ring of the filter while putting it on or off.  I’ve always got a polishing cloth handy in case I drop it and often put my filter on while I’m still at home or in the car so that its ready to go as soon as I get to my launch site.

Polarizing Filter Protip: Hold the filter with 2 fingers and look at the sky through it.  Rotate the filter until the blue sky is the darkest then use a permanent marker to put a dot at the top of the filter in this position.  That way you’ll always know how to align your polarized filters!

This shot is made possible thanks to the Polar Pro ND32 filter!  
If you are planning on flying in sunny conditions or with snow on the ground then be sure to pick one up!

DJI Mavic Pro Extra Batteries

I bought my DJI Mavic Pro at Costco with a nice bundle but sadly it only came with one battery.  If you’re still in the market for a drone then I highly recommend getting the Flymore Combo that comes with extra batteries.  If not you’re going to want to buy at least 1 extra battery as soon as possible, I bought two and recommend getting them from!

The DJI Mavic Pro can stay in the air for about 20-25 minutes depending on the flight conditions.  With only one battery I could capture enough footage for a short video and take a few photos with one but then I ALWAYS find another place that I wanted to fly and didn’t have any battery left!  If you’re anything like me then you’ll be disappointed you missed that chance so do yourself a favor and follow in my footsteps.  Head over to and buy 2 spare DJI Mavic Pro batteries before you start that next hike!


DJI Mavic Pro Soft Case by PolarPro

The PolarPro the DJI Mavic Soft Case is a travel-friendly camera case perfect for anyone who has a DSLR AND a Drone.  The Mavic pro carrying case has foam padding on one side and although they call it a soft case it provides extra protection with an outer shell.  Inside you’ll find two velcro dividers but I don’t usually use them and can easily stuff 2 spare batteries (see below), my Nikon D90 and a small 35mm lens inside it.

Depending on my photography endeavor of the day I’ve used this case to store the DJI Mavic Pro, spare batteries for both the drone and DSLR, drone remote and many other combinations of gear.  The case’s versatility between DSLR cameras and drones plus the fact that I’ve broken plenty of filters, screens and more while traveling, bring this case to the top of my list of favorite camera accessories!

This Mavic Pro Case is great when you’re heading somewhere snowy, wet, or muddy and you don’t the gear gear to get damaged.  I’ve used it as a base for changing lenses, filters, or batteries on the go too.  Buy the Soft Case at the PolarPro Website for only $29.99 with free shipping!

Mavic Pro DJI Accessories by Polar Pro

The Katana Pro

The Katana Pro was a huge surprise in the PolarPro gift bag and has been tons of fun to play around with.  This device converts your DJI Mavic Pro into a handheld 4k video camera and is perfect for anyone considering buying the Osmo but doesn’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks!  I used the Katana Pro with my friends at Optic Nerve Photography to create a real estate video and we are working together to build a YouTube Channel all about Alaska thanks to the Katana Pro.

I still prefer to fly the drone and find aerial video more stable than with the Katana since it picks up the slight bounce of my my steps (then again maybe I just am a clutz).  I used the Katana Pro side by side with a DJI Osmo and found a similar bounce in the Osmo footage too.  The best results for both devices came when we stood in one spot and panned across the room.   Turn your Mavic Pro into a Handheld Cinematic Camera for only $79.99 with the Katana Pro and watch the footage below.

Real Estate Video shot with a Katana Pro, DJI Mavic & DJI Osmo
Optic Nerve Photography.

Mavic Pro ND Filter

I wanted to take a minute to talk about specific filters in case the Cinema Series by PolarPro is out of your price range.  ND Filters are absolutely necessary when filming on a bright sunny day and at almost $150 that can be a hefty price tag.  But if you’re like me and love to flyi at the beach, in the mountains or surrounded by snow you’ll want to have at least one to work with.  If you’re only buying one I recommend getting a polarized filter (scroll down for more info) and the good news is PolarPro sells these filters individually for $29.99

This shot is made possible thanks to the Polar Pro ND32 filter! 
If you are planning on flying in sunny conditions or with snow on the ground then be sure to pick one up!

The filters range from ND 4 to ND 64 and I would recommend going for the ND 32 or 64 to help get your shutter speed down.  This will let you film smooth 4k video and also switch into tripod mode and capture a soft misty blur when photographing waterfalls, rivers, and waves.  You can also buy a 3 pack for $79.99 but if you’re looking at getting more than 3 I highly recommend the Cinema Series 6-pack!

Mavic Pro Polarizer

The polarizing filters come in the exact same range as the ND filters with the added bonus of being polarized.  If you’ve never tried a polarizer out before then this is the perfect chance. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in the colors of your shots and can even remove glare from water or other reflective surfaces.  Polarizers make colors pop while also cutting glare making it one of the most popular accessories for photographers around the world.  If you’re only getting one filter then do yourself a favor and pick up a Polarized 16 since its pretty versatile!


DJI Shoulder Bag

I bought my drone at Costco and it came with the standard DJI Mavic Shoulder Bag which also comes in the Flymore Combo.  This case is still my go-to carrying case when I take my drone anywhere because I love all its pouches!  I can easily fit my drone, remote, extra batteries, cords, sd cards and even business cards in here.  It has a wonderfully adjustable strap that I usually wear like a messenger bag.  The only drawback to this case is that it lacks padding so I have to be careful when packing it away for travel.  If you didn’t buy the Flymore combo you can buy one on

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Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by PolarPro who sent me a filters, a soft case and Katana pro in exchange for the promise of an honest review an social media sharing.  The opinions here are my own and the information here is accurate as of June 2018.

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