Getting a Vietnam Visa

by Mike Still

When you travel to Vietnam you MUST pre-order a Visa.  Most airlines won’t let you on the plane without proof of a visa.  The good news is its really easy to order one and very affordable.  When I went to Vietnam I was overwhelmed by all the choices for Visa on arrival.  I sorted through a half dozen that looked like scams and found a few others from friends who’d traveled there.  Even so I heard some horror stories and wasn’t sure how to pick the right website to use.

Vietnam Visa
(These rates are for US citizens.  Check with the support staff if you hold a different passport)

Single Entry $21

Multi Entry
1 month $26
3 month $55

This is a standard stamping fee common throughout South East Asian countries.
Single Entry $25
Multi-entry $50

The good news is I did all that research and can now share with you an easy to use website with the best support I’ve seen out of a Vietnamese company. has a live chat assistant and a few email personnel who helped support me whenever I had a question or technical glitch (which may have been on my end).

Feel free to compare with other websites but they all have similar prices and Vietnam Visa is legit!  Visas take about 2 business days to process but can be rushed in 1 day for an additional $10 or urgently processed in 4 hours (call for a quote)

So how do you get your visa?  Well first you’ve gotta go to  You can click on any of the ads on this page or type it into your browser.  Choose the right visa for you and follow their steps.

On a personal note I’m happy to announce as my first affiliate.  This is the first of hopefully many to come.  Affiliates are companies that blogs work with to advertise using cookies in their ads.  If you click on this ad and buy your Vetnam Visa within 30 days they give me a (very small) commission.  So thank you for helping me fund this blog!

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Mike Still
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